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University's 'Metamaterials' Cloak 3-D Objects

They're the stuff of Disney fantasy and childhood dreams, but invisibility cloaks are something University of California scientists stay they are one step closer to developing. The scientists at the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center, lead by ... Xiang Zhang, are creeping closer to perfecting 'metamaterials', artificially engineered structures that have properties not seen in nature, such as negative refractive index. These metamaterials have recently undergone successful tests allowing scientists to cloak 3-D objects. The technology works when the metamaterials scatter the light that ... (view more)

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Light Bulb Went Out? Print A New One!

After acknowledging the recent surge in popularity of O.L.E.D. technology and experimenting with several new ideas, General Electric has stumbled onto something that (if successful) will undoubtedly become the way future generations light their ... rooms. In recent weeks, the company has run numerous tests using a 'roll-to-roll' process to print out continuous organic light-emitting diodes (O.L.E.D.s) at a fraction of the current cost. Basically, the company has found a way to literally print off a set of miniature working lights from a printing press. All experiments performed thus far were ... (view more)


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