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Track Web Trackers Using Firefox Add-On 'Lightbeam'

Mozilla's new 'Lightbeam' add-on for the Firefox Internet browser is designed to help users better understand who might be tracking their online activity. The add-on uses a unique visualization technique to bring that information to light. Lightbeam ... is a more refined version of a previous (and more experimental) add-on called 'Collusion', which was developed by Mozilla and software developer Atul Varma. Add-On Provides Real-Time Tracking of the Trackers Unlike its predecessor, Lightbeam provides users with a real-time graph showing all of the cookies being added to your browser as you surf ... (view more)

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'JetSearch 1.41.75', and 'Lightbeam for Firefox 1.0.2'

JetSearch 1.41.75 JetSearch provides you with an alternative to the standard Windows search. After you carrying out a search using JetSearch, you're presented with information like file and folder name, path, size, and last modified date. ... Lightbeam for Firefox 1.0.2 This add-on for Mozilla's Firefox Internet browser allows users to see the first- and third-party sites you interact with on the world wide web. Pertinent information is presented using interactive visualizations -- hence the name! This freeware software program is brought to ... (view more)

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