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5 Reasons to Blog with Infopackets

If you've subscribed to our email newsletter, you may have noticed that the format has changed. Specifically: and the Infopackets Gazette email newsletter are now spotlighting articles written by other authors. With that said: Over ... the past few weeks, I've received *many* requests from our Readers to participate in writing articles (I.E., to "Blog with Infopackets"). Unfortunately, many of the letters I received were ambiguous, which tells me that perhaps the initial request to allow individuals from our audience to "blog" was not made clear. Allow me to ... (view more)

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Search Engines and Algorithms, Part 2

RE: search engines and algorithms One of the determining factors in the way that Google ranks a web site depends on something called link popularity. In fact, Google has patented technology known as "Page Rank", which lists sites based on how many ... other web sites are pointing to it (by the use of web links). For example: Lockergnome has very high link popularity because many other web sites on the Internet are linked to Lockergnome. Essentially, Google considers that: if a web page / site (such as Lockergnome) is regarded by a large number of other web sites, it increases the ... (view more)

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