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Microsoft Warns of COVID-19 Email Malware Scam

Microsoft and Sophos have warned users to watch out for emails which claim to offer statistics about the COVID-19 pandemic. They actually harbor a combination of malware and legitimate tools that could easily be abused by a hacker. The emails in ... question have subject lines such as "Covid-19: [May 22] horrible Charts", claim to come from legitimate sources such as John Hopkins University, and have an attachment that's billed as a spreadsheet file with statistics about deaths and infections. (Source: ) Malicious Macro The attachment does indeed have an Excel file, but the problem is ... (view more)

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Use the Organizer to Manage your Macros in MS Word

Macros that you have created in MS Word are stored in modules and modules in turn, are stored either with a document or a template. The Organizer in MS Word is a very handy tool. As you all know, I love to have everything organized and neat and tidy ... and this feature helps me to accomplish that. The Organizer can be used to rename, copy, or delete macros and modules from one document to another. Follow the steps below to learn how to manage your macros with the Organizer: Start the Organizer by clicking on Tools | Macro | Macros | Organizer. You should have the Macro Project Items tab visible ... (view more)

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'Windows Speech Recognition Macros', and 'Techlogica Ie Customizer'

Windows Speech Recognition Macros Windows Speech Recognition Macros extend the speech recognition capabilities in Windows Vista. Users can create powerful macros that are triggered by voice command to interact with applications. ... Techlogica Ie Customizer Allows you to personalize and customize Internet Explorer 6.0. This software allows you to enhance the browser's function by giving the user access to over 75 hidden features in an easy-to-use interface. (view more)

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Working with Macros: MS Word

In my last article I told you how to Delete a Macro and how to Edit a Macro . In this article, as promised, I will show you how to rename a macro and copy a macro. To rename a macro, follow the steps below: Choose Tools | Macro | Macros. Select the ... macro you would like to rename. Choose Edit. This opens the Visual Basic editor. When the Visual Basic editor pens, change the name of the macro to what you would rather it be. Close the window. It's really pretty simple to do isn't it? To copy a macro, follow these steps: Access the Macros dialog box by choosing Tools | Macro | Macros. Select the ... (view more)

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