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Pentagon, NASA Hacker to Face Extradition

A British hacker accused of infiltrating computers at NASA and the Pentagon has failed in his most recent attempt to evade extradition to the United States. Gary McKinnon may soon be making his way across the pond to face charges stateside. For some ... time McKinnon has been lobbying London's High Court in a desperate attempt to avoid being extradited to America. Unfortunately for McKinnon, the High Court has refused to even hear the case, pointing out that it did not meet "points of law of general public importance." In other words, the case simply doesn't warrant a halt on the extradition. ( ... (view more)

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Pentagon Hacker May Soon Face U.S. Authorities

A hacker who allegedly crept his way through Pentagon computer systems shortly after the 9/11 attacks recently had his appeal against extradition to the United States dismissed by the British House of Lords. Called the "world's most dangerous ... hacker" by U.S. authorities, Gary McKinnon could soon face trial stateside for his actions. Despite the setback, McKinnon maintains his innocence -- and that Europe offers a better place to prove it. "It might be naive of me, but perversely, I think I might have more chance in Europe than I do in my own country." McKinnon, who has pled his innocence ... (view more)

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