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Set Margins and Centering: MS Excel

In Print Preview, you might notice that a single column of your worksheet flows onto a second page. Although you can scrunch it in by reducing the scaling percent or by turning the orientation to landscape, sometimes all you have to do is adjust the ... margins (I.E.: the distance between the edge of the paper and the printed information). On the other hand: in Print Preview Mode, you might notice that a small worksheet looks awkward in the top-left corner of the page because the rest of the page is empty. You can center the small worksheet to the page without having to adjust the margins. You ... (view more)

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Set Margins: MS Word

The blank area around the edges of a page is the margin, and you can control how much or how little space you leave there. Of course, you can't run the text all the way from edge to edge on the page, although it would certainly save paper. Imagine ... reading a novel with no margin: even if it cost less, it wouldn't be worth the eye strain. Setting generous margins is a great way to make a document easy on the eyes when reading. Typical business letters allow for at least an inch on all sides, and newsletters require as little as 0.25 inch because they divide the page into smaller elements. In ... (view more)

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