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Strange Object Appears Next to Planet Mercury

It's neither a bird, nor a plane, nor Superman. The giant object now appearing next to the planet Mercury remains a mystery. UFO followers believe it could be an alien ship. Scientists, however, aren't convinced. The object appears in a number of ... images taken by a NASA telescope named Heliospheric Imager-1, which was focused on a coronal ejection from the Sun. In a sequence where the telescope observes a solar flare, viewers can clearly see a massive circular object moving around in the frame. YouTube Video Arouses Speculation Video of the object next to Mercury has been posted to YouTube, ... (view more)

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Remarkable Findings as Messenger Passes Mercury

Although we're often told not to shoot the messenger, the Messenger is certainly shooting up outer space. The spacecraft blazed past Mercury in mid-January, and took some rather remarkable snapshots of the tiny grey planet closest to the sun. The ... most impressive of those pictures has been dubbed "The Spider," and features a massive geological formation that has dazzled scientists. Many believe the subject of Messenger's photographs -- a giant, central depression surrounded by over a hundred thin trenches zig-zagging each way outwards -- is something very new and very exciting in recent ... (view more)

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