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Facebook Advertisers Must Label Manipulated Images

New Facebook and Instagram rules say political advertisers will now have to tell users if they've digitally manipulated images or video. The companies still officially ban misleading "deepfake" videos. The new rules from parent company Meta take ... effect from the start of 2024. They apply to any advertisement classed as political, electoral or covering a social issue. The rules only cover "photorealistic" images and video and "realistic sounding audio," meaning illustrations or cartoons are excluded. While Meta didn't explicitly address the timing, it's likely the changes follow concerns about ... (view more)

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Facebook Privacy Rules Could Change

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) may put a temporary ban on any new products from Facebook's parent company, Meta. It could also ban Facebook from making any money from data involving children. The FTC says "Facebook has repeatedly violated its ... privacy promises." Those promises came in a 2020 agreement when Facebook promised to change its behavior. That agreement, which included a $5 billion civil penalty, came after Facebook allegedly breached the terms of a previous agreement from way back in 2012. (Source: ) Kids Could Chat to Strangers According to the FTC, an independent ... (view more)

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Content Moderator Sues Facebook for PTSD

A former Facebook content moderator is suing the site's operators claiming the work mentally harmed him. Daniel Motaung says the low-paid work left him with post-traumatic stress disorder. Motaung is suing Facebook's owner Meta along with Sama, the ... contracting company that hired him for the work. He says he was misled by a job ad that implied content moderation was a small part of a wider customer service role. He was recruited in South Africa and relocated to work in Nairobi where he was paid the equivalent of $2.20 an hour. He says this relocation made it more difficult for himself and ... (view more)

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