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MS Patches 20 Year Old Exploit; XP Still Vulnerable

Microsoft has patched a security vulnerability that somehow evaded detection for roughly twenty years. The bug has reportedly existed in every single version of the Windows operating system since Windows 95. According to reports, the bug can allow a ... hacker to execute code remotely when a user visits a malicious website. IBM security expert Robert Freeman says the bug is related to a flaw in VBScript, which first debuted with Internet Explorer 3.0 in the late 1990s. Freeman says that the bug remains invulnerable to Microsoft's anti-exploitation tools, otherwise known as the Enhanced ... (view more)

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Steve Ballmer Leaves Microsoft's Board

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer era has officially come to an end. The company's former chief executive officer, who stepped aside last year , has now announced that he will be resigning his position on Microsoft's board. Ballmer joined Microsoft more ... than thirty years ago, rising from the company's first business manager (hired by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates) to its chief executive in just under two decades. Ballmer was at Microsoft's helm for a number of important projects, including launches for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, the Xbox video game console ... (view more)

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