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Windows 8 Tablet Tech Specs Unveiled

Microsoft has now revealed the minimum hardware requirements for tablet computers to run Windows 8, another sign the company wants to extend its operating system (OS) to a wider range of devices. Windows 8 is the first Windows operating system ... designed to work on everything from desktop PCs to tablets. Aside from the classic desktop design, it boasts a user interface called 'Metro' that's intended for small touch-screens. Some critics fear Windows 8 might be so focused on tablet compatibility that it offers very little improvement to users of notebook and desktop PCs. Windows 8 Tablet: ... (view more)

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$222,000 Filesharing Fine Sparks Academic Protest

A professor specializing in copyright law says that the justice system devised for prosecuting illegal file-sharers is out of control. She argues that it "has evolved in a manner that results in too many arbitrary, inconsistent, unprincipled, and ... grossly excessive awards and that reform is needed." The comments came in a paper by Professor Pam Samuelson of the University of California, Berkeley, along with co-writer Tara Wheatland. (Source: ) The authors say the biggest problem with the system is that the range of damages which can be awarded for copyright ... (view more)

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