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Flame Hackers Kill Own Malware with Suicide Module

The creators of the Flame virus now appear to be attempting to remove it from the computers it has infected. This bizarre move from hackers, who normally seek to increase rather than decrease the number of machines their code infects, may be part of ... a belated attempt to prevent further analysis of how Flame works. The existence of Flame was announced late last month by security firm Kaspersky Lab. At the time, Kaspersky noted the virus was exceptionally sophisticated and had been designed specifically to harvest data using tactics as diverse as taking screenshots and eavesdropping on phone ... (view more)

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Use the Organizer to Manage your Macros in MS Word

Macros that you have created in MS Word are stored in modules and modules in turn, are stored either with a document or a template. The Organizer in MS Word is a very handy tool. As you all know, I love to have everything organized and neat and tidy ... and this feature helps me to accomplish that. The Organizer can be used to rename, copy, or delete macros and modules from one document to another. Follow the steps below to learn how to manage your macros with the Organizer: Start the Organizer by clicking on Tools | Macro | Macros | Organizer. You should have the Macro Project Items tab visible ... (view more)

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Parts of Vista Incorporated Into Windows XP SP3

Since the introduction of Windows Vista, a lot of the emphasis has been on Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) and little has has been mentioned regarding Service Pack 3 (SP3) for Windows XP. It was originally assumed that Windows XP SP3 would simply ... be a rolled up collection of bug fixes and patches but there reportedly seems to be more to it than that. Recently, Microsoft released a beta of Windows XP SP3 to a select group of testers reportedly labeled as build 3205, weighing in at 334.92 MBs. Originally reported by NeoSmart , XP SP3 contains 1,073 hotfixes and patches released since XP SP2 ... (view more)

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