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Windows 8: How To Use Multiple Monitors

Here's an example of a question we've heard several times recently: "Dear Infopackets team, I'm thinking of upgrading to Windows 8. The problem is that I've heard using it over multiple monitors can be difficult. I find using two monitors very ... useful because I can write and use the web at the same time without needing to keep switching back and forth. Can you give me any insight? George H." My response: Thanks for your email, George. Before I get to the way the new-look Windows 8 interface works with multiple monitors, let me just remind you that you can always switch to the ... (view more)

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Windows 8: Using Multiple Monitors Made Easier

Right now there are a lot of people wondering whether an upgrade from Windows 7 to the soon-to-be-released Windows 8 operating system (OS) is worth the hassle. You may be one of them. To combat this apprehension, Microsoft has been trying to build ... consumer interest in and desire for the new OS by highlighting its various new tools, features, and improvements. As part of this campaign, Microsoft is making much of another Windows 8 improvement: better support for using multiple monitors. Microsoft: 1 in 7 Desktop Users Employ Multiple Screens With the price of PC monitors dipping in recent ... (view more)

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