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Scientists: Table Salt to Increase Storage Density

A tandem of researchers in Singapore claim to have discovered a way to use table salt as a means to increase the density at which bits of data can be stored on a hard disk drive platter. Early projections indicate that this 'salty' method is ... actually 5 times more efficient than current hard disk densities. The method was first introduced by Joel Yang, a scientist at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) at Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research. Yang was able to hone his method using an extremely high-resolution e-beam lithography -- the same process by ... (view more)

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IBM Creates The Smallest Piece of Artwork Ever!

The smallest piece of artwork ever made has finally been unveiled to the world. It's an image of the sun made from 20,000 microscopic particles of gold, and what is most unique about the creation is that it was done without the presence of an ... artist. (Source: ) IBM researchers are taking credit for the piece that used ultra-miniature sensors, lenses and wires inside of nanoscale circuits. The image of the sun was etched on a silicon chip "wafer" using a special technique that manipulated each gold particle which measured just 60 nanometers in diameter. In proportion, a nanometer ... (view more)

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