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Driver Fined for Using Apple Watch

A Canadian woman has been fined for looking at an Apple smartwatch while at traffic lights. The court ruled it should be treated the same as checking a smartphone screen. Victoria Ambrose was fined $400 CAD (just over $300 USD) for breaking local ... laws on distracted driving. A police officer noticed that she failed to move when the lights turned green and was instead looking at her watch, only moving when the officer shone a light at the car. (Source: ) She did not dispute that report, but said that she looked at the watch solely to check the time. She said it may have looked as if ... (view more)

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BlackBerry CEO Cashing In Despite Firm's Failures

BlackBerry, the Waterloo, Ontario-based company formerly known as Research in Motion, is in big trouble. However, the firm's chief executive officer, Thorsten Heins -- who BlackBerry tapped to take over as CEO just last year -- is set to make more ... than $50 million in salary and incentives if he's forced out of the firm's top job. Heins had served in several executive positions prior to becoming BlackBerry chief executive officer in January 2012. He joined the firm as Senior Vice President of the BlackBerry Handheld Business Unit in 2007 after working for several hardware and software ... (view more)

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Drunk Driving Facebook Status a 'Joke,' Teen Says

An Oregon teenager involved in a hit-and-run crash was recently arrested for the deed. His arrest appears to have resulted directly from him bragging about driving drunk on the popular social networking site Facebook. According to reports, on New ... Year's Eve 18-year-old Jacob Cox-Brown of Astoria, Oregon, posted this as his Facebook status: "Drivin drunk ... classic ;) but to whoever's vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P" Facebook Message Prompts Investigation A long and complex sequence of events then followed: First, someone on Cox-Brown's 'friends' list sent the "confession" to Astoria ... (view more)

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