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Banking Malware Relays Passwords to Cyber Criminals

Researchers have warned of a sneaky trick that uses malware to collect passwords for online banking. The "Metamorfo" malware disables autocomplete to force users to retype passwords that can then be hijacked. Metamorfo is familiar to security ... researchers, but has developed two new characteristics. The first is that it no longer targets only financial institutions in Brazil, but has expanded to other countries. The seconds is a new tactic to make it more effective. The malware works in a familiar fashion. It's distributed through a .ZIP file that's disguised as an invoice attached to ... (view more)

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Is Using Windows XP Really That Dangerous?

Is it really that dangerous to continue using Windows XP? Microsoft's Windows XP has officially been decommissioned as of April 8, 2014, meaning that Microsoft will not longer support the software insofar as security updates are concerned. Without ... any security updates, Windows XP is extremely vulnerable to attack if and when an operating system exploit is discovered. And, even if one is discovered, it may or may not make headlines - which means most users running Windows XP simply won't be aware their system has been compromised. It's these types of attacks that are most dangerous ... (view more)

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Most Bank Sites Insecure, Says Recent Study

Online banking makes life easier, at least for those of us comfortable with the idea of transacting money from the home or office. Like most people, I assume that my bank's website is an extremely secure site, rigorously monitored to protect my ... money. Along with many other people, I may have been wrong. A University of Michigan study released last week suggests that, of 214 financial institutions' websites, every one had design flaws and over three-quarters contained at least one flaw that could potentially put customers at risk. (Source: ) One of the larger problems seems to be the ... (view more)

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