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Cops Seize Illegal Online Marketplace

Police in Germany have shut down a major underground website used mainly for illegal drug deals and money laundering. But the people behind Hydra remain at large. The shutdown was an international effort which included the assistance of the US ... Treasury. Despite its physical location in Germany, most of the users and operators of Hydra appear to have been from Russia and other former Soviet Union nations. Hydra has been described as a darknet marketplace. Darknet usually means the site is only accessible through special software that makes it much harder to track who has visited it. Darknet ... (view more)

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Darkweb Stolen Credit Card Site Operators 'Retire'

The people behind an online service for buying and selling stolen credit card details say they are retiring for health reasons. The unknown owners reportedly made $358 million from their "marketplace." The UniCC service operated on a so-called ... darknet, only accessible through special software designed to make it much harder to track who visited which online service. The BBC notes that the site had operated since 2013 and estimates users listed "tens of thousands" of stolen card details every day. It appears to have been particularly popular for criminals who had carried out major data ... (view more)

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Gas Pipeline Shut Down After Ransomware Attack

Ransomware forced an unplanned shutdown of a US gas pipeline for two days. It's not yet clear if the attackers intended to have that effect. The full details, including the identity of the pipeline and its operators, have been kept under wraps. The ... only official information that's been made public comes from a security alert bulletin by the Department of Homeland Security (DoHS). (Source: us-cert.gov ) The attack started as an all-too-familiar "spear phishing" attack. That's a deliberately targeted email that tries to fool somebody (that typically works for a corporation) into clicking on a ... (view more)

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