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Can a Keylogger intercept cut and paste?

Infopackets Reader Windy H. writes: " Dear Dennis, I keep important information (such as credit card numbers) stored on my PC. The sensitive information, however, is disguised in such a way that if someone were to 'break in' to my PC, they would ... never realize that it is my credit card number. Question: I always go back to my repository program to cut and paste my credit card number into order forms when I make a purchase online. If there was a stealth Keylogger installed on my system, would it be able to detect the numbers I am entering? " My response: The short answer is "yes ... (view more)

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Are email and IM's private?

Infopackets Reader "Artsiii" writes: " Dennis, thanks very much for your informative newsletter. Someone told me that every email and Instant Message [IM] I've ever sent has been saved by my Internet Service Provider [ISP] or email program. Surely ... this can't be true? There must be millions of messages sent every day. Isn't this information private? I know I would not like what I have said at one time or another available to anyone. Explain please. Thanks for your help. " My response: Interesting questions. Let me try and break it down. RE: Is information that travels ... (view more)

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Using Trace Route and Ping to trace pathways on the Internet

Tracert.exe? Ping.exe? What the heck is that? Trace Route (tracert.exe) is a DOS command line utility program that traces connection pathways along the Internet using the TCP / IP protocol. Ping (ping.exe) calculates how long it takes to transfer a ... packet of information from origin [you] to destination [a web site] and back again [to you]. What is TCP / IP? The TCP / IP protocol is a method used to communicate computers on the Internet. Any computer using the TCP / IP protocol has a unique address, referred to as an IP (Internet Protocol) address. An IP address can be thought of as a special ... (view more)

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