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Updating an Automatic Table of Contents In MS Word

A reader recently wrote to ask "Once a table of contents has been created, can you change the page numbers appearing on the right side of the TO?" I am assuming that the reader is talking about an automatically generated Table of Contents (TOC). And ... if that is the case, the answer is yes, absolutely! The caveat is that you have to know how to create an automatically generated TOC in order to update it when you add more text. You can generate a table of contents using Word's built-in styles, such as Heading 1, 2, and 3, or by creating and using your own custom styles. If you have a document ... (view more)

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Updating a Table of Contents

In my last article I discussed building a table of contents using custom styles. This article will show you how to build on that information. As you continue to edit your document and add headings, you'll periodically need to update the table of ... contents. As noted in the preceding section, the table of contents is a field, meaning that Word created it for you based on the styles in your document. Word gives you four ways to update a table of contents, so choose the method that works best for you: Shortcut menu. Alternate-click anywhere in the table of contents and choose Update Field from the ... (view more)

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How to print page numbers

Since we've been on the topic of Printers lately , I thought I'd share with you another useful tip. It's another visitor feedback question from Arlene M. She writes: " Dear Dennis, My printer used to number the pages, but does not any longer. I miss ... that. Do you have a way to bring that function back? " My response: The option for Page Numbering is * usually * in the Printing Preferences. Printing preferences are available for a printer by clicking Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Printer. Printing preferences are also (usually) displayed at the time of printing a ... (view more)

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