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Apple Watch Alerts Man to Serious Heart Condition

A man says his life may have been saved by his Apple watch. A heart rate alert revealed he was experiencing a serious problem. Kevin Pearson was, by coincidence, visiting his father in hospital when he got the alert. It came from his watch, which ... tracked his heart rate. Normally that's to reveal general patterns as well as tracking how quickly the rate returns to normal after exercise, an important fitness indicator. However, the watch alerted Pearson to the fact his heart rate was at 161 beats per minute even though he was sitting down reading a book. Given his age of 52, that's a rate that ... (view more)

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Colleges Vulnerable to DDoS Attack, Report Finds

Academic institutions need to take steps to protect themselves against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, a new report finds. Right now, many online systems used by colleges and universities are vulnerable to hacker hijacking. REN-ISAC, ... the Research and Education Networking Information Sharing and Analysis Center, has completed a report which finds that academic institutions must begin reviewing their Domain Name System (DNS) and network configurations or face hijacking by sophisticated hacking techniques. Universities Unprepared for DDoS Attack REN-ISAC is a membership of more ... (view more)

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Massive Edublogs Site Taken Offline by Complaint

A single complaint about a five-year-old article forced almost 1.5 million educational blogs offline for a time. Although they have since been restored, the company responsible for the blogs says common sense should have prevailed. The affected ... pages were all part of the mammoth Edublogs site that allows teachers and students to publish their own blogs and network with their counterparts at other schools. Last month, educational publisher Pearson complained that an Edublogs blog originally posted in November 2007 contained a questionnaire called the "Beck Hopelessness Scale" (which ... (view more)

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