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EU Rivals UK over Consent of Behavorial Marketing

According to reports, the European Commission will soon begin an investigation into the British government's use of Internet surveillance. It could result in the government being forced to defend its policy on Internet privacy in front of European ... judges. Ironically, the investigation isn't a result of U.K. data retention laws . The legal action resulted over Internet Service Providers (ISPs) using controversial behavorial advertising without consent from their customers. EU Wants "Clear Consent" from Users According to the report , the European Union (EU) wants "clear consent" from ... (view more)

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ISP Secretly Added Spy Code To Web Sessions

A leaked internal report on a secret trial of eavesdropping and advertising technology from Internet Service Provuder (ISP) British Telecom (BT) reportedly shows that the system crashed some unsuspecting users' browsers, causing a small percentage ... of the 18,000 broadband customers under surveillance to believe they had been infected with adware. The January 2007 report (PDF), published by WikiLeaks shows what can happen when an ISP tampers with raw Internet traffic for its own profit. The leak was revealed weeks after Charter Communications told its users it would be testing similar ... (view more)

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