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Facebook Chief Online Accounts Hacked

Two online accounts belonging to Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg have been hacked. The incident, thought to have resulted from a LinkedIn data breach, is a high profile example of the dangers of poor password choices. The hackers, calling themselves ... OurMine Team, took control of Zuckerberg's Twitter account and posted a message informing him of the breach. They also claimed to have accessed his Pinterest account (which appears to be correct) and his Instagram account, which doesn't appear to be the case. Perhaps the one point of relief for Zuckerberg is that his Facebook account was not ... (view more)

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Windows 8: How to Pin Websites to Your Start Screen

We recently received this question about pinning items to the Windows 8 desktop: "Dear Infopackets team, Last week, when complaining about having to sift through an extensive list of my preferred websites under the "Favorites" tab in Windows 8's ... Internet Explorer, one of my co-workers suggested that I start pinning these sites to my desktop. I went home to do some more research and stumbled upon a website called "Pinterest." Yes, I can upload my favorite websites, but it looks like everyone will be able to see my list if I decide to go this route. I really don't want to make this a ... (view more)

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'Ginger 2.6.41', and 'Pinterest'

Ginger 2.6.41 Ginger Proofreader is a free software tool that corrects spelling and grammar mistakes within your computer's productivity programs, based on the context of complete sentences. It works by comparing each sentence to billions of similar ... sentences available through the world wide web. Ginger Proofreader is fully integrated with MS Office software, and with all major browsers. Once installed on your computer, it allows you to create all kinds of documents, presentations, and emails with confidence that your spelling and grammar are correct. Pinterest ... (view more)

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