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Tech Firms Dominate Worst Company List

According to a recent poll, tech (and tech-related) companies are considered some of the worst in America. Candidates for criticism include Electronic Arts, Comcast, Best Buy, Gamestop, Sony, and AT&T. The poll, conducted by consumer affairs ... blog The Consumerist, asked which company should be considered the worst in America. An incredible 250,000 people responded, leading to some shocking results. Sony, Google Escape Humiliation Some of the firms that 'qualified' for the 'tournament' (which The Consumerist organized into an NCAA basketball March Madness-style bracket), included Netflix, ... (view more)

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'Whatever' America's Most Annoying Word, Poll Says

It means apathy and to a generation of Americans growing up in the grunge era when fashion wasn't so much a statement as it was a hassle, "whatever" has become a very popular word. According to a new poll, it's also the most annoying term any of us ... could possibly use. In a poll conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, the word "whatever" received 47 per cent, almost half, of the total votes when subjects were asked to choose from a list of the most annoying popular phrases. It beat out equally ambiguous phrases "you know" and "it is what it is," which placed second and third, ... (view more)

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