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Doctors Print New Face For Bike Crash Victim

Doctors in Britain have used a 3D printer to replace parts of the shattered face of a man who survived a serious motorbike crash. Although the surgery has only just taken place, Stephen Power's crash happened in 2012, where he spent four months ... unconscious in hospital. Mr. Power explained to the BBC that he broke his nose, jaw and both cheekbones in the crash, as well as his skull. Although he underwent several operations, surgeons had to act quickly to avoid breaking the bones around the eye socket and potentially causing major damage to his eyes. (Source: walesonline.co.uk ) After the ... (view more)

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FCC Seeks 'Third Way' To Regulate, Censure Broadband

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says it has found a solution to legal road-blocking of its powers over broadband providers. It will use a technicality to enforce the " net neutrality " principles, but relax its controls over other ... aspects of broadband. The legal saga involves Comcast intentionally slowing down Internet access to customers who were using peer-to-peer filesharing services such as those based on the BitTorrent system. Many people using BitTorrent do so to share copyrighted files without permission, but the system itself is not illegal and can be used just as easily ... (view more)

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Government Considers New Approach Over Net Neutrality

A former presidential advisor has called for the US government to reclassify the legal status of the Internet. It follows concerns that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) may not have the statutory authority to enforce "net neutrality" ... principles or to go ahead with proposed plans to expand Internet access. The FCC has historically sought to uphold the idea of net neutrality. This is the principle that, with the exception of illegal material, all Internet traffic should be treated equally by carriers. This would mean, for example, that an Internet service provider couldn't charge ... (view more)

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