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Sketchy Firm Promises Mac Clones, Loses Humiliating Court Battle

A sketchy firm based out of Miami Florida which falsely claimed it could sell cloned Macintosh machines has already suffered the wrath of Apple in the courtroom. Now it's suffering embarrassment as the truth emerges about its poor sales record. ... Psystar has been in long-running legal battles with Apple after selling computers which were made with PC parts but ran the Mac "Leopard" operating system. As Apple doesn't license its software to other manufacturers -- and you'd think that would made for a clear-cut court ruling, but the process was somewhat extended by Psystar (unsuccessfully) ... (view more)

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Apple Sues Copycat Psystar

American company Psystar began selling a copy of Mac's PC for $399 in April and already Apple is ready to bite back for the infringement. Look-alikes are everywhere in today's consumer market. However, in the world of electronics, companies are much ... more careful than other industries about copyright. Although unable to handle normal software updates, Psystar's cloned tower is able to run the Leopard operating system (OS). (Source: ) According to Apple Insider, Apple delayed its decision to file a lawsuit because it was only at the beginning of this month that Psystar began to ... (view more)

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Budget Mac Clone Defiant

People who want Mac technology without paying Apple prices finally have the machine of their dreams, at least until the lawyers have their way. A company named Psystar is offering a machine named OpenMac for just $399 which, to all intents and ... purposes, could run just like a real Apple Macintosh computer. The legality is questionable at best and the Psystar site disappeared a few hours after news of the offer broke, with many speculating that lawyers had become involved -- though the site later returned. (Source: ) While Microsoft Windows can run on any PC, Apple's Leopard only works ... (view more)

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