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FTC Files Lawsuit Over Amazon Purchases by Kids

The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) thinks Amazon.com should be on the hook for unauthorized purchases made by children while using apps on their smartphones, tablets, and even computers. In a recent complaint filed in a U.S. court, the ... FTC says parents whose children made unauthorized purchases should receive refunds from Amazon. The problem surrounds free-to-play games that are easily downloaded onto mobile devices; such games typically start out with a basic character and story, but then require players to make expensive (though easy to complete) 'purchases' in order to see ... (view more)

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Microsoft 'Targeting Kids,' Mom Says After Hack

A Canadian woman whose son was the victim of an Xbox hack says Microsoft refused to offer any assistance in the matter. Instead, it was the game's publisher, Electronic Arts (EA), that offered to compensate Jennifer Stubbs for the hack. Stubbs' ... 11-year-old son Dylan recently alerted his mother to some strange activity on his Xbox Live account. Upon further review, it appeared someone had hacked her son's account and purchased about $300 in virtual goods. Hacker Access Account, Makes Purchases "I wasn't aware that these purchases were happening," Stubbs said. "Someone had gone into our device ... (view more)

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Apple iTunes: UK Boy Racks Up $2,500 Bill

Many of us spend hours playing free video games online, whether it's by downloading them through the Apple iTunes Store, Google Play Store, or some other site / service. But the ability to enhance that gaming experience with "premium" upgrades can ... make "free" games very expensive. The Kitchen family of Bristol, England, recently discovered just how pricy "free" games can be. Mom Sharon was recently stunned to receive an Apple iTunes Store bill for 1,700 pounds, or roughly $2,500. (Source: bbc.co.uk ) Premium Purchases Rack Up Fast Sharon racked her brain for hours trying to figure ... (view more)

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How to Support Infopackets using Amazon.com

At the request of many users, I've put a link to this page on our tab menu (near: Home, Archive, Contact, etc), which is accessible on every page of our site. Refer back here any time you need to. This article was originally published November 22, ... 2012, and has been amended. Article Summary: This article describes our current financial situation, as well as instructions on how to support Infopackets using Amazon. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated and allows us to continue publishing. Update 2012/11/23: I've added links to Amazon.com (USA), Amazon.co.uk (UK), as well as Amazon.ca ... (view more)

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