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QNX Displaces Windows 8 Inside the 'Connected' Car

A recent study by Gartner found that Microsoft's Windows Phone mobile platform has now surpassed BlackBerry in smartphone market share. But there's hope yet for the Waterloo, Ontario-based firm: the company is rapidly preparing itself to take ... advantage of the 'connected' car revolution. It's expected that BlackBerry's mobile operating system, QNX, will be the key to connecting drivers' smartphones to their in-car infotainment systems. Inside the Car: QNX Eclipsing Windows QNX is slowly but steadily taking over as the dominant platform for connecting mobile devices to a vehicle. The reason: ... (view more)

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BlackBerry 'PlayBook' Tablet Due April 10

Days after Fujitsu unveiled a business-class Windows 7 tablet computer, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) on Tuesday provided more information about its own slate device, the PlayBook. Most notable about RIM's New York City presentation was ... the announcement of a firm launch date for the hardware: April 10. PlayBook Uses QNX Operating System, Linux-Based PlayBook doesn't use Android nor does it employ Windows 7. Instead, its operating system is called QNX, and it's largely unproven next to the current market competition. QNX has been around for quite some time (1982, to be exact) and ... (view more)

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