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Windows 8 Tablet To Be Quad-Core: Rumor

There are reports that Microsoft is about to hand out an ultra-portable computer running Windows 8 and containing a quad-core processor. If true, it could serve as a very effective way of promoting the new system on portable devices. The rumors ... center on BUILD, a Microsoft event that takes place in California in September designed to help both hardware and software developers work better with Windows. The event also serves as a source of feedback for Microsoft about how it could improve the operating system (OS), including those still in development. This year's event is going to be built ... (view more)

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Quad-Core Processors: Coming Soon from Intel

Just when you thought Dual Core was all the rage -- leading chip producer, Intel Corporation, has recently launched a new series of chips that boasts four computing engines inside a single microprocessor. Labelled the "quad-core" processors, Intel ... promises that this innovative line of processors will undoubtedly be able to handle much more complex jobs at once over models that have only one or two ("dual") processing cores. This is great news for Intel, who is currently on the losing end of an ongoing battle with smaller, but (recently) much more effective competitor Advanced Micro Devices ... (view more)

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