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How to Fix: Internet Explorer 11 Won't Search from Address Bar

Infopackets Reader Sally S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I just upgraded to Windows 10. Prior to that I was using Windows 7, with Internet Explorer as my main web browser. After upgrading to Windows 10, I gave the 'Edge' browser a try but didn't like it, ... so I decided to go back to Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, it seems that the upgrade to Windows 10 broke my Internet Explorer search - previously I could type in whatever I wanted to search for in the address bar, but now it keeps telling me that 'This page can't be displayed' and 'Look for the page with your search engine', and 'Refresh the page ... (view more)

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Google Unveils Instant Search Function

Google has unveiled a new instant search feature that provides results as users type in their query. It's a new trick for online searches -- one Google says will save its many, many clients lots of time. As Google vice president of user experience ... Marissa Mayer put it, the instant search feature is designed to provide results "as you type, not after you type." (Source: usatoday.com ) American Internet users got their first look at the instant search tools on Wednesday, with international clients being introduced to the feature over the course of the week. Google Instant Search Powered by ... (view more)

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MS Query Wizard Uses for Excel and Access

Your boss has just dropped a memo on your desk with a note attached asking you to analyze information contained in a company database and create a report for him to use at the annual meeting later in the week. Only problem is, the report is an ... Access database and you don't have MS Access installed on your computer! Now what?? You don't want to tell your boss that he will have to ask someone else to take care of this, right? I have the answer for you! You don't have to own MS Access; MS Excel can step in and take care of this problem for you. That's right, you can use MS Excel to open the ... (view more)

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