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How to Fix: Quick Access to work like Favorites

Infopackets Reader Tim H. writes: " Dear Dennis, I just upgraded to Windows 10 recently and one thing that bothers me when I'm using File Explorer to browse my files is the 'Quick Access' section. Previously in Windows 7, this section was called ... 'Favorites', and contained only the shortcuts that I wanted listed. For example, I could go into c:\users\my user name\favorites and add a shortcut to my taxes folder. Now that I've upgraded to Windows 10, I'm stuck with Quick Access which not only shows my previous Favorites, but also includes a bunch of other junk - such as recently opened files and ... (view more)

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Keep Word Commands Handy With Office 2007's Quick Access Toolbar

There are many useful features on Office 2007's ribbon and when you first look at it, it can be mind boggling. But it's easy to customize the Quick Access toolbar to have all the features you're used to having in previous versions. You shouldn't ... have to keep clicking on the ribbon to find the commands that you want. So just add those commands to the Quick Access toolbar and stop that clicking! Follow the easy steps below to customize your Quick Access toolbar. In the Quick Access Toolbar to the right of the Office button, click the Customize Quick Access list arrow. Click More Commands. ... (view more)

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Quick Access InfoBar Review

Quick Access InfoBar is a cool little tool that transforms your Windows Task Manager into a source of information about the processes that are running on your PC. The program comes from UniBlue (the makers of WinTasks Professional ), which has ... always been one of my trusted sources for process information. From processlibrary.com: " As many as 20 to 30 processes may be running invisibly, silently in the background on your PC. Some hog system resources drastically slowing down your computer; others are a threat to security and privacy; others may be harmless. The Windows Task Manager ... (view more)

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