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How to Fix: TP-Link Storage Sharing Not Working

Infopackets Reader Sam J. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have an older TPLink TL-WDR3500 router and I would like to attach a USB or external hard drive to it using the ' Storage Sharing ' option so that I can share files through my network. This would be ... ideal for me so I can share my Roboform passwords across devices. The issue is that the Storage Sharing option will only work if I enable CIFS 1.0 protocol in Windows because that is what the router uses to make the attached storage appear as a network drive letter in File Explorer. It is my understanding that CIFS 1.0 has a massive security issue ... (view more)

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$35 Bare-Bones PC Will Run Windows 10

A credit-card sized PC costing just $35 will be able to run a dedicated version of Windows 10. It's by no means a practical choice for most users, but is a sign that Microsoft is continuing to make its flagship operating system sleeker and more ... efficient. The computer in question is the Raspberry Pi 2. It's the latest in a series of devices originally designed to make computers cheap enough that schools can buy them in bulk in order to teach children coding and programming skills. In terms of hardware specifications, there's nothing glamorous about the Raspberry Pi. It doesn't ... (view more)

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$35 PC On Sale; Can Program, Browse Web

One of the most ambitious computing projects of recent years has now become a reality. The Raspberry Pi, a computer that costs just $35, has been manufactured by a British organization and is now on sale. As reported last May , the aim of this new ... device is to make a computer affordable enough that schools and parents can buy them for children to learn programming and other computing skills. The device is roughly the size of a credit card and, to save money, has no external casing -- which means its circuit board is exposed. Mini PC as Powerful as Desktop PCs 10 Years Ago Despite the small ... (view more)

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