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How Does Windows Defender Stack Up in Windows 10?

How Does Windows Defender Stack Up in Windows 10? Infopackets Reader Lisa K. writes: " Dear Dennis, I read with interest your article entitled: ' How to Fix: Windows 10 Antivirus Missing, Not Compatible '. After upgrading to Windows 10, my antivirus ... also went missing. So my question is: how does Windows Defender stack up against popular antivirus or antimalware programs? Should I continue to use Windows Defender or should I reinstall my antivirus program? " My response: This is often simply a question of choice, but your computer hardware may also dictate what is most suitable. In my opinion ... (view more)

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Should I use two antivirus at the same time?

Infopackets Reader 'gfaas' writes: " Dear Dennis, What is your opinion of having two antivirus programs installed instead of one? I have Microsoft Security Essentials and Grisoft AVG antivirus. " My response: In my opinion, using two antivirus / ... antimalware programs is better than one for the same reason you would seek the advice of two independent doctors for a life threatening illness. That said, I suggest that you ensure both antivirus / antimalware programs do not conflict with each other, or you will run into resource issues that will cause your computer to slow to a ... (view more)

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Use more than Spyware Remover for Redundant Protection?

Infopackets Reader Henry H. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have Spy Sweeper installed in my computer, but last week after running Norton Antivirus I discovered a threat called 'Adware.Ezula.' Thanks to an article of yours I also downloaded Acronis True ... Image , which I have found fantastic, so I was able to revert my system back to a previous state (and without the Adware.Ezula on my system)! I was so impressed with True Image that I decided to examine the entire Acronis product line. I came across their 'Acronis Privacy Expert Suite', and I would appreciate your opinion on whether or not I ... (view more)

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Use more than one Virus Scanner at same time?

Infopackets Reader Richard D. writes: " Dear Dennis, I've read on some web sites that people are using more than one Spyware scanner on their systems for an added layer of protection. In a similar respect, is it safe to run two virus protection ... programs at once? Can there be any conflicts? " My response: Both Spyware and Virus scanners operate using the same type of mechanism: a database of 'signatures', which are used to recognize infected or suspicious files on your system. The reason why some people choose to scan their systems twice is simply because not all Spyware databases ... (view more)

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