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Hackers Embarrass Reuters News Agency

Hackers who support the Syrian government may be responsible for two separate attacks on the Reuters news agency. The hackers' efforts apparently caused false information about the political and military situation inside Syria to appear on the news ... agency's website. The first hack damaged the Reuters blogging platform, a section of the agency's website that allows Reuters correspondents to write personal accounts and opinion pieces under their own name. It appears Reuters reporters can post directly to the site, which may have made the hacker's job easier. Fake Interview Posted On Reuters ... (view more)

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Reuters and Yahoo to Start 'You Witness News'

You never know when a good news story might develop. But you do know that you have your trusty camera phone on hand if it does -- and so do Reuters and Yahoo. The two companies have teamed up to offer "You Witness News," a news service that allows ... people to submit their photos and videos, which may end up being published. Selected content will be featured on and Yahoo! News. Reuters also hopes to use some material in print beginning next year. (Source: ) The partnership attempts to capitalize on an increasingly popular form of news, known as "citizen journalism." The ... (view more)

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