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Automatically Start MS Program when you Start your Computer

If you are anything like me, you use the same MS Office programs over and over again, so why not save some time, keystrokes, and energy by having those programs open automatically when you turn on your computer? Follow the steps below to learn how ... to work this particular magic: In Microsoft Windows XP: On the Start menu, click on All Programs | Microsoft Office. In the list of available Office programs, right-click the icon of the program or programs you want to start automatically. Click Copy in the shortcut menu. In the All Programs list, right-click the Startup folder and click Explore on ... (view more)

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Reveal Hidden Dialogues: Right-click Everywhere in MS Outlook

Do you habitually right-click? Even if you've never used a "right-click" dialogue menu before, it's fun to right-click and see what extra options are available, and where. Who knows -- the extra options you reveal might make a right-clicker out of ... you! Try it for yourself. In MS Outlook 2003, you can right-click on: Group headers to Collapse All or Expand All. The Day Planner's time scale to change the scale or access Time Zone settings. Any Day/Week/Month view for a host of options, including 'Go to Day'. Folders (including shortcuts on the Outlook bar) to see folder options. Any ... (view more)

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How Do I Export My Address Book Contacts?, Part 3

A little while back I was asked how to copy Address Book contacts onto another computer. Roberta C. asked: " Could you tell me if there is a way to copy my contacts in Outlook Express and load them onto another computer? " I provided a solution ... (complete with pictures) which details how to use the Export function in the Address Book: How do I export my Address Book contacts? Unfortunately, the Export function appeared ghosted (non-functional) for some folks, so I asked Infopackets Readers to send me their thoughts for an alternate solution: How do I export my Address Book contacts ... (view more)

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