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Internet Explorer 10, Office 15 Due Dates Leaked

A leaked Microsoft production schedule, or "roadmap", has revealed to the public some approximate release dates for a number of the company's most anticipated new products. The roadmap appears to have been published late last year, and lays out when ... consumers can expect to see updated versions of Office, Internet Explorer, and Windows Phone software released. According to reports, the roadmap was leaked earlier this week through Microsoft's own publicly accessible Microsoft Partner Network. MeeTroo chief executive officer Maarten Visser is reported to have sent it out via Twitter, although it ... (view more)

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Rumor: Windows 8 due August 2012; Win9 in 2014

A new rumor making its way through the Internet's tubes suggests that we might actually see a commercial release for Windows 8, Microsoft's next operating system (OS), as early as next August. What's even more surprising is that Microsoft is said to ... have a Windows 9 release for late 2014. The rumor comes to us in the form of a leaked roadmap available through the minimalist tech blog "MS Nerd." The roadmap reveals Microsoft's tentative plans for future releases and, as usual, the greatest interest has been drawn to the company's popular operating systems. The roadmap shows a Windows ... (view more)

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