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Google Play to Use Third Party Security to Scan Apps

Google is to use outside help to scan apps before they go into the Google Play store. It says the move is needed to cope with the continuing increase in the number of rogue Android apps. Just two weeks ago, 21 Android apps were reported to be rogue ... ; in early September, 24 apps were found to be rogue . The new "App Defense Alliance" involves Google working with three security companies, namely: ESET, Lookout and Zimperium. They all specialize in mobile security with a particular emphasis not just on spotting individual rogue apps, but on figuring out common characteristics and clues ... (view more)

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Android Phones Hijacked for Ad Scam

Tens of millions of Android devices may have been infected by rogue apps that found a way past Google's security checks. The 'Judy' malware came through apps in the official Google Play store. Google makes a big deal about its Play Store being a ... safe place to get apps. If an app is obtained from another source other that the Play Store, users must specifically confirm any associated risk during app installation. That makes it particularly embarrassing for Google, considering that the Judy malware was able to slip through its security checks. The malware in question has been dubbed ... (view more)

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