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Scareware Scammer Hit With $163 Million Fine

A woman whose business intentionally scammed computer users by means of bogus security software has been ordered to pay a $163 million fine. Kristy Ross was vice president of Innovative Marketing, a firm legally registered in Belize (likely for ... favorable tax purposes) but actually operating out of Ukraine. The company has been the subject of legal action by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for the past four years. (Source: ) Bogus Security Scan Attracted Customers Innovative Marketing's business was actually a scareware scam: placing bogus website ads that pretended to scan a user's ... (view more)

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Google Tips Under Fire

Firefox developer Blake Ross weighed in on Google's Tips recently, and what he had to say wasn't exactly complementary. Ross, 21, has posted a blog accusing Google of using its tips to unfairly promote its own products during searches. The tips, ... which appear at the top of a search results page after specific queries such as "calendar," "blogging," and "photo sharing," are a result of Google abusing its power, says Ross. (Source: ) In his blog, Ross points out that if Google's services are superior, they would appear at the top of a search, thereby eliminating the need to plug the ... (view more)

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Receiving Positive (Early) Reviews?

Let's face it: Microsoft has been facing an incredible amount of bad press as a result of Spyware lawsuits (Windows Genuine Advantage) and criticisms of its security programs (OneCare Live). However, the impending release of Internet Explorer 7 ... (IE7) might just reverse public opinion of the software giant. Internet Explorer 7 has been in extensive beta testing since July of 2005. Over the course of that year, IE7 has progressed beyond a basic browser framework, showcasing a buggy interface and sluggish performance. Recent beta tests have shown IE7 to be a nearly complete build and with a host ... (view more)

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