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Slaying the IE Beast on Apple's Wild Safari

Apple is using its iTunes software to persuade Microsoft Windows users to ditch Internet Explorer and switch to its Safari web browser. The iPod-maker is taking advantage of an update service in iTunes that tells users when a new version of the ... software, or the accompanying QuickTime program (used for iTunes videos) is available. Around 100 million people use iTunes to manage their iPod players, many of them on a Windows PC. The update service is now suggesting to users that they download the new edition (3.1) of the Safari browser. That's a little cheeky; the message is seen by everyone, ... (view more)

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'Safari For Windows', and 'Asphere'

Safari For Windows The Mac browser everyone is talking about has finally been ported to Microsoft's Windows operating system. Try the beta by visiting Apple's official website. Asphere Edit web.config files ... using Asphere, an extremely useful new program. ASPhere is a freeware tool that helps to create and modify configuration files for ASP.NET. (view more)

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Apple Brings Safari Browser to Windows

Apple's website refers to Safari as "the fastest, easiest-to-use web browser in the world." Steve Jobs added to those lofty claims by calling Safari "the most innovative browser in the world and the most powerful browser in the world" during his ... keynote speech for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. Unfortunately for curious Windows users, the browser has always been limited to Apple's own platforms. That is, until now. Apple has just released its Safari 3 Beta to the world and this time, Windows is included! (Sources: ) Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, ... (view more)


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