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'GOM Player', and 'AutoShutdown Scheduler 1.1'

GOM Player GOM Media Player is an all-purpose video display software that plays almost any video with ease. It has a user-friendly interface, and advanced functionality, totally free of charge. For most uses, it's the only media player ... you need. Millions of users in hundreds of countries are happily using GOM Media Player, making it one of the world's most popular video players. AutoShutdown Scheduler 1.1 AutoShutdown Scheduler allows a user to establish a schedule for automatically shutting down a PC. After setting a schedule, users can remove or close ... (view more)

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'SDS (Shutdown Scheduler) 2.44.1', and 'theRenamer 7.57'

SDS (Shutdown Scheduler) 2.44.1 This is a utility designed to help users automate the shutdown of their computer system, or the closing of specified applications. You can also use it to break a modem connection, restart, hibernate, or put your ... system in standby mode. You can command the software to perform your specified actions at a scheduled time, after a specified wait, when the computer sits idle for too long, or even when a specific application closes. theRenamer 7.57 This useful little utility program will automatically rename and organize files containing your ... (view more)

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System LifeGuard v2.0 Review

Since writing this newsletter, I have come across a handful of noteworthy applications aimed at streamlining a Windows PC. Some of the programs I've reviewed are very particular in nature and focus primarily on one task, while others are ... multi-utility oriented. What is System LifeGuard v2.0? System LifeGuard v2.0 is a Swiss Army Knife of essential PC maintenance. Developed by NeoByte Solutions, System LifeGuard v2.0 includes a comprehensive collection of utilities designed to dramatically improve the performance of a Windows PC by safely removing junk files and folders and invalid System ... (view more)

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