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Microsoft's July Patch Tuesday 'Ugly', Expert Says

Another Patch Tuesday, another 'critical' update for Internet Explorer. This month's Patch Tuesday provides fixes for a total of seven security issues, the most important of which involves Microsoft's popular web browser. Microsoft says its Patch ... Tuesday fixes affect most versions of the Windows operating system, the .NET Framework, Silverlight, the Office software suite, Visual Studio, and Internet Explorer (IE). Each of these security bulletins is marked 'critical,' which is Microsoft's highest security rating. A seventh bulletin has been marked 'important' and is associated with Microsoft' ... (view more)

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June Patch Tuesday Fixes 'Downright Scary' IE Flaw

Microsoft's June 2013 Patch Tuesday security update includes a fix for an Internet Explorer flaw that could allow hackers to remotely take control of a system. The update, which will arrive tomorrow, addresses a serious vulnerability affecting ... versions 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser. Internet Explorer Vulnerability "Downright Scary" "This one would make it easy to remotely gain access to someone's machine via a malicious webpage," noted CORE Security development manager, Ken Pickering. "Bulletin One is downright scary." To exploit the flaw, hackers ... (view more)

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Microsoft Fat Tuesday Patch Rather Slim

In a break from the ordinary, this month's Microsoft Patch Tuesday features relatively few fixes for the software giant's many products. There are just three security bulletins for the month of March, covering about four distinct security flaws in ... various software. The lull is somewhat unexpected after several months of record-breaking patch releases by Microsoft. By comparison, February had a total of twelve security bulletins , three of which were marked "critical", the company's highest threat warning. One 'Critical' Security Bulletin Issued for March This month, just one of the three ... (view more)

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