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Man Challenges 250,000 Strong Botnet and Succeeds

When security officials decide to "go after" computer malware, most conduct their actions from a defensive standpoint. For most of us, finding a way to rid a computer of the malware suffices -- but for one computer researcher, however, the change ... from a defensive to an offensive mentality is what ended the two year chase of a sinister botnet once and for all. For two years, Atif Mushtaq had been keeping the notorious Mega-D bot malware from infecting computer networks. As of this past November, Mega-D had forced more than 250,000 PCs to do its bidding via botnet control. That's when Mushtaq ... (view more)

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Network Solutions Hacked, 500k Credit Cards Exposed

Malware planted on web servers belonging to Network Solutions LLC, a hosting company and domain registrar, reportedly compromised more than a half a million credit card accounts belonging to customers of its e-commerce merchants. The company said it ... found unauthorized code on servers that support some of its e-commerce merchants' websites. It's reported that transaction data for about 4,343 of its merchant websites was stolen and redirected to outside servers. (Source: ) Half a Million Cardholders Affected Approximately 573,928 cardholders were affected by the breach that ... (view more)

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Court Bans New Apple Exec from Work

A New York judge has ordered a new Apple executive to stop work until a legal dispute with IBM, his former employer, is settled. Mark Papermaster had been set to head the hardware side of Apple's iPod and iPhone division. Papermaster was formerly ... IBM's executive in charge of blade servers, a technology which involves bare-bones servers taking their power from storage racks rather than individual power supplies. This makes much slimmer servers which is particularly useful for firms needing to store a large number of servers in a small space. As part of his IBM contract, Papermaster is banned ... (view more)


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