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Online Banks Get Extra Defenses Against DDoS Attacks

A company that helps protect websites against a popular form of cyber attacks says it's solved a major security concern. The change could mean high-profile websites can be much more resilient and secure. The company in question is CloudFlare, which ... offers services to defend against denial of service attacks (DoS) , including distributed denial of services attacks (DDoS) . That's where cyber attackers flood a website with bogus data requests, until the site (or server) is no longer able to deal with legitimate requests. Oftentimes such an attack will bring a web server to a grinding ... (view more)

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Microsoft Confirms Zero Day Exploit, Downplays Risk

Microsoft says it's unlikely that hackers will successfully exploit a recently discovered security bug in Windows. The company says that if the bug is abused, it would likely result in a denial of service attack instead. As noted on Wednesday, the ... problem involves system files related to Windows network file and printer sharing. Hackers are often particularly interested in exploiting such system files as they are a potential entry point between a networked computer and the outside world (via the Internet). Denial of Service Risk to Windows In this case, the Windows exploit appears to have two ... (view more)

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Google attacked isn't the only web server under attack from hackers as of late . " Several major web sites, including Yahoo, Microsoft and Google, were inaccessible at times early [Tuesday (06/15/2004), due to an online attack]. The problem began ... about 9 a.m. Eastern and lasted less than two hours, said Jeff Young, a spokesperson for Akamai Technologies Inc., whose network of servers mirror some of the Web's top destinations to improve their performance. " (1) Akamai Technologies later confirmed that its network and servers came under 'a sophisticated, large-scale attack' as a ... (view more)

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