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Bogus GPS Signal Sends Ship Off Course

Security researchers at the University of Texas have reportedly used global positioning system (GPS) technology to remotely take control of a ship. Shockingly, they pulled off the scheme without being detected by the ship's crew. Fortunately, the ... attack was part of a controlled experiment carried out with the permission of the ship's owners. The researchers were able to use bogus GPS data to control the ship's navigation. It's the first time researchers have been able to successfully alter GPS data rather than simply blocking or "jamming" a signal. The researchers say they were able to change ... (view more)

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3Planesoft Screensavers Review

Screensavers remain a popular way to personalize Windows, despite the advent of energy saving technology eliminating the need for the screen to remain turned off while the computer is idle. Back in the early days of screensavers, the "flying ... toasters" screensaver was considered a creative innovation. Today, 3D environments, rivaling graphics from some of the best computer games available, are making an impact while the computer screen sits idle. 3Planesoft, a new screensaver company, now uses 3D graphics card technologies and takes screensavers to a whole new level. 3Planesoft makes ... (view more)

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