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How to Fix: Can't Uninstall or Reinstall Silverlight

Infopackets Reader Tim S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I am trying to play Netflix on my computer, which requires Microsoft Silverlight. Every time I try and play a movie, I get an error stating that Silverlight is not installed on the system. But when I ... check in my Control Panel via Add / Remove programs, Silverlight says it's installed. I have tried to install the latest version of Silverlight from the Internet but it won't install. I don't get it. Can you help? " My response: I knew this problem would require some troubleshooting, so I contacted Tim and he agreed to let me access his computer ... (view more)

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'Android Advanced Task Killer 1.9.7B103', and 'Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.20513.0'

Android Advanced Task Killer 1.9.7B103 Kill locked or slow programs using Advanced Task Killer for the Android mobile operating system. You can also use this program to find and uninstall apps and programs you don't like. This program is great for ... keeping your favorite Android device clean and quick. Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.20513.0 Microsoft's Silverlight is a powerful development tool designed to help users create engaging and interactive user experiences for the web. It can also be used for designing mobile applications. Silverlight uses the .NET framework and is ... (view more)

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Microsoft Mulling End for Silverlight: Rumor

Rumors are circulating that Microsoft is gearing up to let Silverlight fall by the wayside. The newest version, Silverlight 5, which is reportedly due to be finalized and released for manufacturing by the end of November, may be the company's last. ... Silverlight is used by Microsoft for the creation of rich media and smartphone apps. Its features make it a rival for Adobe's popular Flash application framework. Insiders have also been hinting that the new version of Silverlight will not work with browsers other than Microsoft's own Internet Explorer (Silverlight 4 now works with both Windows and ... (view more)

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Microsoft Unveils Next Edition Of Silverlight

Microsoft has provided more information with regards to Silverlight 5, the next edition of its multimedia software. The company hopes Silverlight 5's barrage of features can dampen speculation that the system will take a back seat to other forms of ... web media, including that of Adobe Flash and HTML (hyper text markup language) version 5. Silverlight is an application framework, a system that designers can use to create graphics, animations and multimedia content. With the new edition of Silverlight, Microsoft is putting a lot of emphasis on its use in a business context -- particularly in ... (view more)

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'Photoscape 3.5', and 'Silverlight 4.0.50524.0 Final'

Photoscape 3.5 Photoscape is a photo editing program that enables you to fix and enhance photos. Features include a viewer, photo editor, batch editor, screen capture function, raw converter, and much more. Silverlight ... 4.0.50524.0 Final Microsoft Silverlight (formerly WPF/E) is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIAs) for the Web. It is intended for developers and designers interested in learning more about how to build experiences with Microsoft Silverlight. http://majorgeeks ... (view more)

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