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Microsoft Exec: Google Not 'Serious' About Enterprise

Google says it's preparing to challenge Microsoft in the corporate market by offering more accessible business programs than Microsoft's highly popular Office suite of productivity software. However, Microsoft executives say they're not worried ... about Google stealing the software giant's enterprise customers any day soon. They're apparently responding to a recent interview in which Google vice president Amit Singh said his company intends to lure business users away from Microsoft Office. To do that, Singh indicated that Google will offer business software that is easier to use than Microsoft' ... (view more)

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Microsoft Surface Tablet: $399 and Up, Expert Says

With the holiday shopping season on the horizon, you can bet tablet computers will be under many Christmas trees this coming December. One of the tech industry's most anticipated tablets is Microsoft's Surface, which has been unveiled but not yet ... officially released, or even priced. However, one analyst is now predicting that the Surface will retail for $399 -- and up. Microsoft Out At Least $300 Per Unit: Prediction Sameer Singh is a tech industry analyst with consulting firm Finvista Advisors. In a recent blog post he made some bold predictions about the cost of each individual component ... (view more)

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Online in Rural India: Village of Hansdehar Establishes Web Presence

Welcome to Hansdehar, India. It's a tiny rural village with a population of only 1,753. Unemployment, erratic electricity, no pharmacy, and a lack of help from the Indian government are among the problems Hansdehar's poor residents are suffering ... through. (Sources: and ) To combat these problems, Hansdehar has established its own website. will help expose the area to its own neglectful government -- and the rest of the world. Now things might finally begin to change for the little village that could. "It will be a revolution," insists farmer Ajaib ... (view more)

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