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Would You Buy A Smartphone That Self-Destructs?

Boeing is reportedly working on a new smartphone capable of self-destructing if lost or stolen. Reports suggest the device will be targeted at people -- like politicians, law enforcement officials, and corporate executives -- who store lots of ... sensitive information on their smartphones. At this point Boeing's smartphone, which is simply called "Black", is at the patent filing stage. If it eventually heads into production, the device will run a variant of the Android operating system (OS). It's expected Black will feature USB, HDMI, and SIM storage and will support various ... (view more)

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Nokia Windows 8 Tablet In Development: Report

Nokia has announced plans to release a Windows 8 tablet computer. No shipment date has yet been scheduled, but a key Nokia manager recently indicated a launch for the product could be on the horizon. In a recent interview, Finland's Kauppalehti ... Optio magazine asked Nokia executive Marko Ahtisaari about his company's plans to launch a Windows 8-based tablet, and reports that he answered: "We are working on it." (Source: ) Ahtisaari even went so far as to admit that he is devoting approximately one-third of his own working time to overseeing the new tablet's ... (view more)

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Android, Apple iOS Dominate Mobile Market: Report

Google's Android platform continues to be a powerhouse in the highly competitive smartphone market, despite a recent study that reported malware attacks are up nearly 500 per cent . Industry analysts Nielson recently released its third quarter ... statistics for smartphone usage among United States-based mobile subscribers. Researchers found that Android once against ranked as the most popular mobile operating system (OS), with devices using this platform accounting for approximately 42.8 per cent of the total smartphone market. More specifically, Android phones made by HTC accounted for 15 per ... (view more)

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