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Tech Companies Face Child User Lawsuits

Google has launched sets of two legal cases against scammers. The cases involve artificial intelligence tools and copyright claims, though could have wider implications for malicious online activity as a whole. The first case is against scammers who ... are trying to take advantage of interest in generative AI tools that can "create" text and images. They’ve made online posts and ads encouraging people to download Google’s AI tool, Bard. Tech giants including Facebook and Google must go to court to fight claims they cause physical and mental harm to children. The companies failed in a ...ref="/news/11317/tech-companies-face-child-user-lawsuits" class="more-link">view more)

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Most Instant Messaging, Chat Apps Not Secure: Report

Several of the world's most popular messaging applications have failed a security test carried out by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping defend civil liberties in the digital environment. In ... essence, the EFF found that messaging apps like Facebook Chat and Yahoo Messenger just don't do enough to protect user data. The EFF, which published its findings earlier this week, studied 39 messaging applications. The list included voice and video calling programs, mobile texting applications, and instant messaging services. Only Six ... (view more)

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Snapchat Social Network Doesn't Store User Data

Each day, millions of images and messages are sent through social media platforms. Now, those who have regretted transmitting personal information in this fashion will be relieved to find that a popular new app is making significant strides in ... changing the way people share private data on social networking sites. Snapchat doesn't store data -- including messages and photos -- for years on end. Instead, this information is wiped out, permanently, at a time set by the sending / posting user. It's a simple concept, but early indications reveal that Snapchat is becoming a popular alternative to ... (view more)

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