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US Military's Latest Field Recruit: The iPod

U.S. soldiers are being issued iPod touches; however, it's not a morale-boosting exercise or a way to combat boredom, but a low-cost way to give them access to important portable tools. In the past, the Army gave soldiers dedicated electronic ... devices for key tasks such as on-the-spot translation. However, officials found this proved expensive, particularly when they had to issue different devices for different tasks. This approach also meant the military bore the costs of researching and developing the hardware and didn't get as many economies of scale as with consumer devices. (Source: cnet. ... (view more)

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U.S. Soldiers in Fear of Domestic Invasion

U.S. soldiers must now be fearful of invasion, even when back in the comfort of their own homes. Unlike the fears of physical invasion experienced on the battlefield, soldiers must now be weary of an invasion of privacy coming from the very same ... military they represent during times of war. A Virginia-based military surveillance company, Army Web Risk Assessment Cell, is monitoring all soldier blogs and Internet posts to avoid the leaking of vital information that may jeopardize the security of the U.S. military. Among the most detrimental items being pursued are official military documents, ... (view more)

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