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Updating an Automatic Table of Contents In MS Word

A reader recently wrote to ask "Once a table of contents has been created, can you change the page numbers appearing on the right side of the TO?" I am assuming that the reader is talking about an automatically generated Table of Contents (TOC). And ... if that is the case, the answer is yes, absolutely! The caveat is that you have to know how to create an automatically generated TOC in order to update it when you add more text. You can generate a table of contents using Word's built-in styles, such as Heading 1, 2, and 3, or by creating and using your own custom styles. If you have a document ... (view more)

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Display the Style Area in MS Word

When you uses Styles in Microsoft Word, you can see the style of the currently selected paragraph in the Style dropdown list on the Formatting toolbar. To see what style is applied to a paragraph, you may click the paragraph and look at the list on ... the toolbar. When you receive a document from someone else, whether it be someone in your office or someone from a remote location, wouldn't it be nice if you could instantly see what styles used for each paragraph in the document? Well you can, and I am going to tell you just how to accomplish that. I have been told by folks who work on Help Desks ... (view more)

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