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'Sumatra PDF 2.4', and 'WhatsApp'

Sumatra PDF 2.4 Looking for an alternative to Adobe's Reader software? Then check out Sumatra, a free PDF, eBook, and XPS reader for the Windows operating system. This program is small, powerful, and starts up very fast. It also boasts an ... easy-to-use interface. WhatsApp Tired of using different messenger programs to interact with friends and family? WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that allows you to exchange messages using iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone messaging systems. This freeware software program is brought ... (view more)

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'NextPVR 2.0.3', and 'Sumatra PDF 1.5'

NextPVR (Formerly GB-PVR ) 2.0.3 GB-PVR is a mature, robust, full-featured Personal Video Recorder (PVR) and Media Center which runs on Microsoft Windows. Its main function is scheduling TV recording and watching live TV, but it can also playback a ... wide variety of media types across music, videos and photos. Sumatra PDF 1.5 Sumatra PDF is a slim, free, open-source PDF, XPS, CBZ and CBR reader for Windows. Sumatra PDF is small, has a minimalistic design and (as a result) starts up very fast. It's designed for portable use: there's only one file, so you can run it from ... (view more)

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'QuickGamma', and 'Sumatra PDF 1.4'

QuickGamma QuickGamma is a small utility program to calibrate a monitor on the fly without having to buy expensive hardware tools. QuickGamma consists of the four programs QuickGamma, QuickGammaLoader, QuickGammaResume and ... QuickGammaResumeClose. QuickGamma is free for personal use. Sumatra PDF 1.4 Sumatra PDF is a slim, free, open-source PDF reader for Windows and is portable out of the box. Sumatra has a minimalistic design, making simplicity a higher priority than other features. It's small, starts up very fast and doesn't write to the Windows registry. Because ... (view more)

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