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How to Fix: Can't Delete Restore Points (C Drive Full)

Infopackets Reader Bill L. writes: " Dear Dennis, I am a long time reader of Infopackets, and have used several of your articles to help fix problems for myself or friends. I have a similar problem mentioned in one of your previously written ... articles, where my C drive has magically filled up to almost completely full (with only 5.8GB free) and I am not able to find where the missing space went. I have examined directory on my system and it appears that 244 GB of available space is unaccounted for. I am a retired computer engineer, however my expertise was in large system development, and not ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Can't Shrink Volume in Windows 7, 8, 10

Infopackets Reader Pat S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I am running Windows 7 and I'm trying to shrink my C drive, but Windows won't let me shrink it to the desired size - even though I have tons of free space. I have a 500 GB drive and I'm trying to ... shrink the volume to 250 GB. Whenever I try to shrink the C drive it only lets me shrink 70GB. Can you help? " My response: I have had this problem many times in the past - especially when I am trying to shrink the C drive for my clients so that I can split the drive in half and make a disk image backup onto the second partition. The reason why you can ... (view more)

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Why does my C Drive Keep Filling Up? - Explained

Infopackets Reader 'Old Techo from Oz' writes: " Dear Dennis, I have consistently noticed on 3 of my Windows 7 PCs that the C drive appears to bloat over time with 'low space' warnings constantly ... For example, Windows Explorer reports my C drive ... full with 78 gigabytes of data and only 6 gigabytes free. I knew this had to be wrong ... The only solution I have found is to make a disk image backup of my hard drive partition (using Acronis True Image , for example), and then restore the disk image later on. After the image is restored, Windows now reports correct free space available of 37 ... (view more)

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